Have you ever been to the Chale Wote Festival?

Do you think Persons With Disabilities (PWD) in Ghana are supported enough?

According to Professor Stephen Adei, the country’s fight against corruption is mainly hindered by people who have been put in positions to curb the practice. Do you agree with him?

Would you rather do your Masters in Ghana or abroad?

Which public university is the best in Ghana?

Should prostitution be legalized in Ghana?

Do we need more women in parliament?

Education on mental health now a necessity. Do you think so?

The Deputy Minister of Education has disclosed that 10 new technical institutions, including one each for the new regions, would be constructed while four existing technical institutes would also be renovated. Do you support this initiative?

Mr Eventuarry joins the Kejetia vs Makola Series. Do you look forward to his performance?

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