NPP, NDC must halt verbal violence. Do you agree?

Do you know how to have difficult conversations with the people in your life?

If you had an opportunity to relocate to another African country, which one would you go to?

Do you believe that Ghana will change overnight with a reading population?

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has proposed a 20% upward tariff adjustment this year for service providers, after three years without an increment. Should the Ministry of Health approve this change?

According to Hon Joe Ghartey, the Minister for Railways Development, the railway sector has the capacity to transform Ghana's economy from middle-income to first-world status. Do you agree with him?

The Accra-Tema Train Service has been launched. Do you plan on commuting via the train?

Do you think Wendy Shay and the late Ebony sound alike?

The Passport Office and the Regional Passport Application Centres will no longer process manual passport applications effective Feb 28, 2019. Do you think this will reduce bribery at the Passport Offices?

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