The Customer's Waakye Joint of the Year

Atomic Waakye
Auntie Muni
Waakye Guy Guy
Hajia Adiza
Tungas Waakye

Did you wait in the wakye line for a long time?

Was your waakye delicious?

Was it affordable?

Were you served quickly and with a smile?

Was the waakye joint and its surroundings clean?

The Customer's Bank of the Year

GCB Bank
Barclays Bank
Stanbic Bank
Zenith Bank
Cal Bank
Republic Bank
Fidelity Bank
GN Bank
Access Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Prudential Bank
GT Bank
First Atlantic Bank

Is the banking hall neat and clean?

Were you served quickly?

Do you have to queue for a long time before being served?

Were the banking staff friendly and helpful?

Was the banking information simple?