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    The phenomenon of the silent majority has been one of the enduring paradoxes in our democracies. Too often, the majority has been powerless to exert any influence on decisions affecting them. The bitter reality is that the majority exists but does not govern. The will of the people is not reflected in our daily experiences partly due to our inability to relay our collective thoughts to our leaders and service providers in real time.

    • Be Heard

      By harnessing the voice of the silent majority into an irresistible force through the power of social media Speakupp wrestles back power and control back to the majority. We give you the platform to rate your experiences, to vote on any subject and to share in real time in whatever format you want.

      • Be Informed

        You opinions and experiences are captured in a statistical form that provides irrefutable proof of the preferences of the majority to set agendas and push for interventions by governments or service providers.

      • Be Empowered

        We empower you to broaden your reach by allowing you to acquire followers or give you your privacy to limit discussions with only your personal contacts for the fun or personal stuff. We also provide corporate services for organisations that want to engage and seek feedback from their customers and employees.

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